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Thursday, April 07, 2011

So Much For New Year's Resolutions...

OK, gang. I know I resolved to blog at least a couple times and week, AND I know it's been exactly a month since I blogged last, AND I know that I've apologized to you all before for my lack of blogging...

... but will you forgive me again?

Thanks for everyone who's been checking in on us! We're doing well and we've just been really busy as of late. However, we've had lots of great assignments, lot of news to share, and lots more photos to publish so with a little luck (and a lot more discipline on my part) you should start seeing a slow ramp up of content here on the blog.


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Maybe you should have Jason Moore do your blogging for you. He could use a little extra cash right now...unless his status has changed.

I do enjoy his writing style, too!

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